Fighting The Struggle

As believers it is easy to become complacent and forget to pray or read our bible and when we do you can best believe the enemy is ready and waiting to attack with all his weapons. Truth is, we struggle with various areas in our lives… for me, I struggle with temptation of lust via the eyes whether generally checking out women or watching pornography. It’s been a struggle since I became a Christian.

I guess, I was around 12 when I had my first experience of watching pornography and without friends or family to guide me I didn’t see anything at all wrong with it – I mean, I was a teenager and I was attracted to women and well it was something new and exciting. My family do not know Jesus as their Lord and Savior. I didn’t know Jesus as my Lord and Savior until 2011 when I gave my life to Him. I was able to break away from pornography for a time when I met my first girlfriend but it slowly crept back in to my life.

I struggle probably monthly with this sinful issue and I am SICK and EXHAUSTED by it. I truly feel GUILT and SHAME once I have viewed pornography and I feel so unworthy of praying and speaking to God for some time after. It is a cycle which continues on… I break away from it for several weeks and then something sexual will catch my eye and the temptations more than often are too strong and I give in.

The positive news with this post is I AM DONE with this lifestyle. I love Jesus and I know that my viewing of pornography is only damaging my relationship with Him and of course with people around me. I am truly sorry for the countless times I have turned my back on You Jesus. Thank you Jesus for taking our sins, thank you that I am forgiven and I can make a new life starting today. I will follow you faithfully Jesus and this blog will be a testament to that.

To my readers… ┬ábrothers and sisters, thank you for your support! If you struggle with lust/pornography then know that you are not alone but know also, and of which is more important… that Jesus LOVES YOU and paid the cost… He truly paid it ALL for us on the cross and we must now do our part and turn and repent and give our ALL to Jesus.

Stay faithful, in Jesus name… That Faithful Bro’



Thank you for visiting… this blog was created to 1) Glorify God… and 2) to encourage others. I will be writing about my walk, every aspect of it from the good to bad. I won’t hide anything, I will write as transparent as I can. We will touch on issues of sin, losing faith, and much more… I am far from an expert, but I pray this blog can bless you… love and blessings in Jesus name… That Faithful Bro’

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